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Rocking Your Trainer Ride

What is Gravi-Trainer?

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Gravi-Trainer works with your bike and trainer

The Gravi-Trainer rocker board is compatible with most trainers so you can use the equipment you already own. See our  Gravi-Trainer sizing guide.

Stable rocker profile

The patent pending rocker design uses your weight to resist leaning. More lean angle gives a progressively increasing return force so you always feel stable but free to move.

Since your weight provides the return force, the rocker fits you perfectly, no matter who you are.


Ever found yourself riding a trainer, watching TV, wishing your bike wasn’t so stuck to the floor? We did too! We used to watch Tour De France videos while training. When the riders stood up, we stood up. When they sprinted, we sprinted. Good workout, but it never felt like riding.

Eventually we started building rockers to let the bike move a little, then a bit more. There were a lot of wrong turns in the learning process, but it’s led to a great feeling ride. The Gravi-Trainer rocker plate is shaped to give you a safe indoor riding experience that replicates the freedom of motion of road riding. We hope it makes your training sessions great!

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