Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about Gravi-Trainer rocker boards

Can I use this on a rug / hardwood floor / exercise mat / etc.?

Yes! We’ve used them on many surfaces. The action is a bit damped on carpet so you may prefer a harder surface. Hard rubber gym mats and hard surfaces are great for this rocker. The rockers are made of hard wood, so if you are worried about scuffing, it’s a good idea to use some form of mat under it.

Does this fit my trainer?

We offer 2 sizes. The vast majority of trainers will fit on the regular sized platform. A few trainers require the large platform. Platform sizes are 30x22” and 32x24”. It’s a good idea to have at least a 1” margin around the trainer footprint so you can move it slightly sideways to compensate for the off-center weight of the trainer flywheel.

How do I get on it?

Your bike is 2” higher than usual on this platform. If you have a tall frame you may not be able to stand over it as normal for mounting and dismounting. We recommend this sequence to mount. Stand close to the bike. Lean it toward you. Step on with the near side foot first. Swing your other leg gently over the rear of the bike.

How do I correct a lean?

The deck has a center-line painted on it to align the wheel of your bike. Most trainers have an off-center flywheel. When placing the trainer + bike on the rocker, you will probably have to move the bike slightly to the right of center to compensate for the offset weight. Try moving it in ¼” (6mm) increments until you find the right position.

Does front-back location matter?

The trainer can be moved front to back on the platform without affecting performance. We suggest centering if your trainer has a lot of extra space on the deck.

Will my trainer slide off?

We have a non-skid coating on the deck surface that keeps your trainer firmly in place. If the trainer moves on the board 1) Make sure you are not steering while riding. 2) If all else fails, you can contact us for a set of adhesive rubber pads.

Is there a bulk discount?

If you are buying for a club or gym, contact us. We can provide pricing for quantity orders.

Does this work with stationary bikes?

It depends…. Most stationary bikes have a flat front and flat rear foot. This rocker only works on one end. You could use 2 rockers or contact us to get a deck long enough for your particular bike.

Can I get a specific color or logo on the deck?

Contact us. We love our customers and will make every effort to make our products meet your needs.