Gravi-Trainer Rocker Platform Sizing Guide

Gravi-Trainer Bike Rocker Board Overview

Gravi-Trainer rocker plate offers elegantly simple rocker boards for indoor bike training. This allows us to give you a more natural training experience at a more affordable price than many other complicated trainer rockers.

How Does the Gravi-Trainer Tilt Plate Work?

The board provides resistance to lean using the rider’s weight and the rocker contour to simulate the feeling of riding a bike on the road. 

As the bike leans, the contact patch with the floor moves outward from the center line, providing a return force to center. The bike feels stable when upright and provides the subtle rocking of the bike that is used when seated as well as the freedom to aggressively lean the bike for standing climbs or sprints.

The contour of the rockers is tuned to provide stability on center, freedom through a normal range of bike lean, and a definitive pressure against excessive lean.

What’s The Difference Between The Gravi-Trainer Models?

The three models of rocker boards offered by gravi-trainer all use the same rocker behavior. They vary only in deck size. 

The Standard Model Comes In 2 Sizes To Fit Different Bike Trainer Footprints 

  • The standard model supports the rear wheel of the bike only. 
    • Snappy Model Dimensions: Fits trainers with footprints up to 30” wide x 28” long. Snappy Gravi-Trainer
    • The large rocker board is also a rear-wheel only deck which fits trainers with footprints up to 32” wide x 24” long. Large Gravi-Trainer
  • The Full-On Gravi-Trainer Bike Rocker Board: The Full-On rocker board is intended for use with climbing simulation setups where the bike front fork is supported by a stand which must lean with the bike frame.