GraviTrainer Reviews


Compact and Functional

Most compact and functional rocker board I have found on the market. When I am done using it I can store it with ease. After my first Zwift ride on the Gravi-Trainer I could not imagine riding without it!

Jeff D.



Seems Great

I have only been using it for a couple of weeks but I really like the board. It seems to have a good balance between moving and not moving too much (ie all the time)- at least on the surface I am using it on. Constructed well and no slipping at all.

Ralph D.



As advertised

These products are exactly as advertised & well made. We haven't had a chance to test it out yet because, it's a birthday gift, which hasn't happened yet. However, based on the quality of the product, I suspect it will be good.

Chris W.



Outstanding Value for a Durable Trainer Rocker

I picked the Gravi-trainer because I don't like the idea of a rocker with moving or wear components. Because of the simple, bullet-proof design of the Gravi-trainer, I decided to go with this rocker. After several rides, I must say I am 100% thrilled with my choice. The only thing that could possible improve the performance is support for some fore-aft movement, but at this price point, that simply doesn't seem possible.

Coral Y.



Bring the outdoors in!

Gravi-Trainer helps transform indoor training into a far more dynamic and natural feeling exercise, like riding a bike outside. After many hours on the Gravi-Trainer I feel confident the rocking motion has reduced stress on my body. Prior to using the board my keens would frequently hurt due to the restrictions of a traditional trainer. Factor in the price versus the competition and Gravi-Trainer is the clear winner.

Guy P.



Suits my needs just fine!

Love it! Getting all new PRs now that I can stand on the pedals comfortably

Dave D.



Excellent Service from Gravi-Trainer

This is my first foray into rocker boards. I was interested in the simple design and low price point of the Gravi-Trainer. Jon from Gravi-Trainer was quick to respond to my emails and was genuinely happy to answer any questions I had. Jon was also willing to accommodate my request of having the board painted black rather than grey. I have a few rides on the rocker board and am a happy customer. I have nothing to compare it to aside from a static trainer, but the Gravi-Trainer offers a decent amount of movement and was an inexpensive option compared to similar products.

Greg J.